Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chloe's broken Collar Bone and Baby brother is 11 weeks!

Chloe broke her right collar bone on Saturday night while spending the night with my dad. Jeff and I were about half way through our meal at Applebee's when we got the call that Chloe was hurt! I was scared to death, but she was a trooper! On the way to the ER she was only afraid of getting a shot! She was on my Dad's coffee table and fell backwards on her head-neck. The ER did a CT Scan and everything looked normal, but a chest X-ray confirmed a broken clavicle. WE went to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Mon and he said she will not need surgery and should be completely healed in 3 weeks! If you could see her now, you wouldn't even know she has a broken bone! (and FYI codeine hypes kids up......BIG TIME!) Here is a pic I took Sunday night after she got out of the bath....Poor Baby!

Jack was 11 weeks old yesterday! This kid is huge! He is smiling sooo big and belly laughing now! Last night we were having tummy time before his bath and he ROLLED OVER from his belly to his back! Seriously.....he's only 11 weeks! This kid is like an Ox......he is soooooo strong! Here is a picture of him sitting up like a big boy in his sisters' recliner!

He is such a cutie....dontcha think?


AngelaP said...

Of course he's a cutie!!!

Amy said...

He is a big boy! Clayton rolled over at his 6wk check up!!! They grow up sooo fast huh?

Ang said...

That kid looks just like his DAD!! I see Jeff in him more and more as he grows older! He is beautiful Jill!