Sunday, March 29, 2009

Snowy Start to Spring

The weather forecast called for blizzard like conditions for western Oklahoma this weekend! Crazy considering all last week was spent in the mid to high 70s! Well, it wasn't a blizzard, but we did receive about 2-3 inches of snow! So early Saturday morning we bundled up all of our kids and off we went to play in the snow! Chloe and Caity had a blast making snow angels and a small snowman! We all had so much fun I have to share these pics with you!

Getting the eyes and nose on the snowman!

Caity having fun with the snowman!

Chloe adding her final touches!

I guess Chloe would rather eat the carrot than give Mr Snowman a nose!

Baby Brother, Jack got to enjoy his very first snow too!

WE had so much fun welcoming spring time with a blast of winter weather! It really got all of us ready for some heat! Bring on the swimming pool!!!

Before I go I want to share a pic of Chloe and Caity's first snow, Nov 2006!

I have another post coming soon, you won't want to miss it.............

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Melis said...

OH my gosh your kids are so cute! So so so so stinkin cute! Twin girls! Love it! A little Jackson! Aaw! I ATE UP pictures of your little ones - looking forward to when my twin girls are bigger and I can play with them and do fun girly stuff with them and looking back at my own little Jackson (Jack) and being so grateful for every second I have with him. Congrats on your beautiful family - I love your blog :)