Monday, December 29, 2008

Still No Baby Jack

Christmas has come and gone and Santa didn't bring baby brother, like my 3 year olds asked! Try explaining that one! :) I just told them Jesus decides when it's time for baby brother to join our family! Mommy is not done growing him yet!
We did have a wonderful Christmas though! It's the first year the girls actually get the concept of Jesus' Birthday and Santa Claus! It was so much fun playing Santa, well Jeff mainly built the "toy" Santa brought the girls! They got a HUGE swing set! one of those wooden ones that took poor Jeff AKA "Santa" a week to build! But oh was it worth seeing their faces on Christmas morning! It didn't matter it was 5 degrees below freezing that morning, we stayed outside nearly all day long sliding and swing our little hearts out!!!! I knew they should open all their other gifts before we showed them the swing set. We opened all their gifts first, then they read the note Santa left next to the empty plate our cookies once were, it said "Look outside for the gift I brought you!" It was great!!!! I feel so blessed to have such polite, gracious children! They sang Happy Birthday to Jesus all weekend long and thanked him so much for all the gifts! Every person who gave them a gift got a very quick thank you before ripping the paper from the present! I was filled with such pride and joy watching these little girls have the time of their lives! Oh how I wish I was 3 again!
Here are a few pics from Christmas! Enjoy:

My C-Section is scheduled for Jan 7, 2009! I will keep you updated!
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just in case I am in the hospital having baby Jack I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! This is our Christmas card this year, if you didn't get one that means I don't have your address! So....send it to me! :)
I think I am very very close to having this baby boy! Thursday I went in for a regular apt and the Dr ended up sending me to Labor and Delivery because I was having contraction every 6 min. The contractions kept coming and by 5:00pm they were every 9o sec. However, the contractions were not doing anything to my cervix, so she held me overnight to observe me and everything just stayed the same. The next morning she gave me the option to stay in the hospital and wait and see or go home and wait it out, so I am at home waiting this labor out. He will come in God's time! I am having steady, hard contractions today though so I may go in and have them check me to make sure everything is okay.
I wanted to update everyone on Jack's situation and Wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I will end with a family picture by Red Barn Design. I will update again as soon as I get a chance! Love you all!!!

Until next time........

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Jack update.....

Monday night was spent in labor and delivery here at the hospital. I was having contractions every 2-3 min for over an hour. They were able to stop the contractions with Breathine (sp) but told me starting today they would not stop labor again! I am now 36 weeks...the baby is probably around 6-6.5 lbs. I went to the Dr today for a scheduled appt and I am dilated a finger tip, but I could stay that way until Jan. 5, my scheduled C-section! All in all, everything looks great, I'm in the clear to have the baby anytime now! I am 2 weeks further pregnant than I ever have been....and this last month SUCKS! But I really want to hold him in as long as possible! Who knows we may have Baby Jack at our family Christmas party this year! I will update more as I get new information. My next appt is Thurs. Dec 18, so I will let you know!

until next time.........

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Santa Baby

Yes...we LOVE Santa! The girls just can't get enough of the Jolly Ol' Man! We have plans to see him again at the annual Christmas parade this coming Sunday! This picture was taken by my friend Candice May-Thurmond with Red Barn! She takes awesome pictures and did these particular photos as fundraiser for the Relay for Life/ American Cancer Society. We just donated $10 and got a free 8x10 from an awesome photographer, how awesome is that? I love her on the look out for my Maternity/ Family Christmas pics she took last Sun! I just have to get the pics from her and get her permission to post them here! I think they turned out great, other than the fact that I am HUGE!!!!! Only 31 more days until I hold my baby Jack! If I last that long, the Dr said today she would be surprised if I last until Christmas......which is fine by me! I just may have my very own Santa Baby....ya know, I've really been an awful good girl!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus...right down Santa Claus Lane!

I have been waiting to post these Christmas pics for awhile now! We took the girls to see Santa Claus 2 Saturdays ago! They were so excited! It brought tears to my eyes to see their eyes light up with excitement! They were so happy to meet Santa and tell him what to bring fro Christmas! He was so cool, when the girls told him to please bring them a slide and swing, he said, "You two be good girls and listen to your Mommy and Daddy, and leave me chocolate chip cookies!" He looks like the real Santa too! He is the same man from their 1st and 2nd Christmas! I LOVE him! He is so great with the kids! He let C & C pull and tug on his beard and kiss his cheek before we left! With all that are the pics from this year!

Here is a pic from 2006...same Santa!

A Few weeks ago Jim came down to see us and I took some pics for He and Peggy's Christmas Cards. They turned out so cute, I must share!

Sunday we took Family and Maternity pics with Red Barn Photography! Candice did a wonderful job! I can't wait to see her finished products, and when I have know I will share!

Until next time........