Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Professional Pictures over the past 2 years

I want to share some professional pictures we have had done of the girls and a few of the family over the past 2 years! I will start with the newest and make my way back to the oldest! The one at the top of this blog is Chloe and Caitlyn's 2 year pics done @ Im Imaging and my Aunt Gloria made the overalls they are wearing!

Most recently I had antique photos done of the girls through some company out of Ohio? They were telemarketers, and dang I just couldn't say no! Go figure! I'm glad we did them though cause they are soooo darn cute! Here are a few of my favorites:

For Valentine's Day the church had a party and they had a professional photographer take pics of the kids. I love dropping my kiddos off and picking them up with a professional picture that I did not have to "stress" about! It really turned out cute!

Back in Jan we had the girls' 2 year pics taken by IM images! The poor photographer had one heck of a chore photographing these 2 kids! We were there for almost 2 hours and we finally got a few great shots! The one @ the top of this blog (my most fav. pic of all time) and these: Oh yeah, I made the tutu's that the girls are wearing and Mamaw Peggy got them the cowgirl boots!

For Halloween 07 the church had another professional photographer capture some pics of the kids, again these turned out really cute!

Back in April 07 we had family pictures taken with One Creation Studios in Texarkana. The entire Owenby Family was in attendance and we got some great shots!

Now to the girls' 1 year pics! Chloe and Caity got the sitting fee for a birthday present from a friend. These are the same concept as the antique pictures above! If you ever get a chance to do the antique, dress up pics...I say do them! You have no obligation to buy and the packages are really inexpensive not to mention the pics are great!

AWWW....they were soooo little! This last pic is one I had done @ Wal-Mart! I love Wal-Mart, considering you can get over 100 pics for under $10!!!!! This was the girls' 1st Christmas pics!

Man....these past 2 years have flown by! I really cannot believe how much the girls have grown! It makes me sad to think of them as babies because they are definitely not babies anymore!!!! At least I have another one on the way, so I can cherish more memories with an (key word an) infant!!!! I hope everyone enjoys watching the girls grow up through professional pics! I am glad I had them done to capture all the changes they make becoming little ladies!
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Halfway there!!!!

Yesterday marked the halfway point in our pregnancy! I have quite the baby bump going on! I know I'm gonna be as big as a house by Christmas! I measure just as big as I did with the girls at 20 weeks! I guess we have a pretty big little boy on our hands! I had a video done of Jackson today and it was sooooo cool! He smiled at us and we could even see his tongue!!! It's so crazy the advances in technology, considering just 27 years ago women didn't even get ultrasounds! Here is a pic of my baby bump!

When I was taking the pic of my belly Caity started pooching her belly out too saying, "Mom, I have a baby in my belly too!" It was so cute, I had to take a pic of her too! Excuse the hair, we hadn't been up very long! LOL

I know this is a quickie, but I have to run get the girls from church!
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Great Plains Stampede Rodeo and The First Day of School

Thursday night kicked off the 2008 annual Great Plains Stampede Rodeo and of course we just had to go! The girls absolutely LOVE cows and horses! They were in Heaven petting and looking at all the animals and cowboys! They have quite the obsession with horses and cowboy hats and considering Jim is their Papaw, they come by it honestly! :)

The night started off at Papa and Pippy's house with a wonderful dinner Patti made! We took a few pics before we left for the festivities. Here are a couple of the girls' western attire! :)

When we arrived at the rodeo we had to find close seats so the girls could see. We had no idea we were not going to be able to get the girls off the fence! :)

There was a girl from California sitting next to us and it was her 1st rodeo, she probably thought we were crazy for letting the girls get so close! But they just loved being able to see the longhorns and one cowboy even came over and let the girls pet his horse! It was so cool! As the night progressed there were kids who rode mini bulls! I told Jeff they were baby bulls, he might have freaked out if he actually knew they were "minis." ( for some reason Jeff is afraid of people and animals of "small stature") HA!

The clowns are always a great attraction for the kids and we just so happened to be next to their trailer. I'm just happy they did not shoot Barney like they did last year! That was a bit traumatizing to 2 little girls who absolutely adore that big purple dinosaur! Here is a pic of Chloe with the rodeo clown!

Caity couldn't get away from the gate long enough to get a pic with the clown! She stayed posted up on the fence!

We had a blast the the rodeo this year! Matter of fact Caity and Chloe have yet to take off their hot pink boots and cowboy hats! We are already looking forward to next year!

To change the subject, Caitlyn and Chloe started Mother's Day Out last week! This will be their 3rd year and it was almost sad that 1st day! They are no longer in the toddler room :( they have advanced to the 2 and 3 year old room! Every year they would cry on the 1st day and I would stay until they calmed down and realized I would be back for them shortly. Not this year...I could barely get them to give me a good bye kiss! Caity was like "Bye Mom" and chloe just ran and started playing with the other kids! :( It was so sad to see what big girls they are becoming! I am thankful to have a few hours a week to get the house cleaned up, go to the grocery store, or have a few hours of quite in my house! Here are some pics of their 1st day of MDO!

I can't believe how big these girls are getting! I want to show you a pic from their 1st day of MDO last year! Back when they were in the toddler room!

Whew...that year flew by! I am thankful the girls have such a great place to grow as Christians and become beautiful little ladies!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

And so it begins......

I decided to start a blog so my friends and family without a Myspace page can be up to date on all the current activities of our crazy family! We are soon to be a family of five!!!! Yep, Jeff, Caitlyn, Chloe and I are expecting the arrival of baby Jackson Owenby in early Jan. 2009! We are soooo excited to welcome our first son and the girls are extremely excited to have a baby brother! I plan on keeping everyone up to date on the pregnancy and show off my precious twins as they grow into little ladies! These girls are my heart and soul! I love them to pieces and have to show off our most recent family portraits by Brandi Leigh Photography. Location Quartz Mountain:

I am very proud of the way they turned out! Here are a few black and white pictures from the same shoot!

These pics were taken the day before we found out we were expecting our little bundle of joy! So technically, these are Jackson's 1st official family photos! LOL!!!
Seriously, I can't post all those pictures and leave the little man out! so here are our most recent ultrasound pictures taken this past Tuesday, August 19, 2008!

This is just the beginning!!!! So check back often to catch our latest updates! I plan on posting some pics of the girls 1st day of Mothers Day Out later this week! Bear with me while I figure this blog thing out! :)