Saturday, January 31, 2009

Caitlyn and Chloe turn 3!!!

On Jan. 14 my twin girls turned 3 years old! They are growing up so fast and becoming quite the little ladies! I'm so proud of the big sister role they just fell into since the home coming of baby Jack! They are the most perfect "big sisters" he could have; they love him, kiss him, and always are very careful around him! I can honestly say the terrible twos ended when the baby was born!

I had 3 year pics taken the same day as Jack's newborn photo shoot! They did better during this photo shoot than any other in the past! I am so proud of them...they had so much fun and you can tell in all the pictures! There is no way to decide which pose to choose, so Candice will put them all in a collection for me to hang on the wall! Here are their 3 year pics by Red Barn Photography, Candice May-Thurmond!

These are my most favorite Pics the girls have taken yet! I love all the colors in the tutu's ( I made them) and the green frog rain boots are from Mamaw and Papaw for Christmas! The ladies at church gave them the caterpillars for their birthday and they tell inspirational christian stories, the girls love them! I am so thankful for all the positive influences in the girls' lives! We are so lucky to be around family and friends that care about our family so much! The girls have had so much attention over the past 3 years that we were afraid the new baby would take some of that attention away! Everyone has been great making them still feel as special as the day they were born! We are so blessed!

Caitlyn Grace and Chloe Elizabeth,

Mommy and Daddy want you two to know how much you mean to us! From the moment you two were born three years ago our lives changed forever! You two are the reason for our being and really brought a purpose to our lives! How dull our lives were before you were born, I can't even imagine one day without your smiling faces and contagious laughs! The past three years have been gift from God and I can't wait to share in many more memories as the years go by! We are so proud of the big sisters you two have become, Jack is so lucky to have you two in his life and we are so lucky to be your parents! We love you to the moon and back and will always be here for you no matter what life throws your way! Thank you sweet twincesses just for being you!


Mommy and Daddy

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