Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Evicition Day for Baby Jack

Yep, you heard it right...Jack has been served his eviction papers and is demanded to vacate his current premises as of 7:30am January 7, 2009! I know he is very warm and comfy, but dang it, it is time for us to meet the little man!
Even though this has seemed to be the longest pregnancy EVER and I am the biggest pregnant woman EVER (everyone who passes me tells me so)! And I'll be glad to not have to answer the question..."Is it twins again?" I really have enjoyed this pregnancy and I am trying to take in every last moment, because I will not ever have another child! This little boy will complete our family!
So, here are the plans to keep everyone up to date on our Baby Jack's birthday! I go in the hospital at 6:00am get prepped for surgery, and enter the OR around 7:30am. I am the first surgery scheduled for that day, so If all goes accordingly We should have a baby around 7:45am. I plan on sending out a mass text message to let everyone know the stats, since I don't plan on answering the phone much tomorrow! If I don't have your cell number and you want to be in the list send it to me! My email is jillowenby@sbcglobal.net so send it on over! If you aren't text message savvy, you can always call Jeff, my Dad, Grandma, etc! I can't wait to get back on here and post pics of our newest addition! Please pray for a safe delivery and Healthy Baby!
I will end this with the last of my maternity pics by Red Barn Design, photography by Candice May-Thurmond!
Until next time........

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Kelly Beane said...

love the one with all of your hands on your belly. so cute! and now congrats on the new addition. hope all is well!