Monday, December 29, 2008

Still No Baby Jack

Christmas has come and gone and Santa didn't bring baby brother, like my 3 year olds asked! Try explaining that one! :) I just told them Jesus decides when it's time for baby brother to join our family! Mommy is not done growing him yet!
We did have a wonderful Christmas though! It's the first year the girls actually get the concept of Jesus' Birthday and Santa Claus! It was so much fun playing Santa, well Jeff mainly built the "toy" Santa brought the girls! They got a HUGE swing set! one of those wooden ones that took poor Jeff AKA "Santa" a week to build! But oh was it worth seeing their faces on Christmas morning! It didn't matter it was 5 degrees below freezing that morning, we stayed outside nearly all day long sliding and swing our little hearts out!!!! I knew they should open all their other gifts before we showed them the swing set. We opened all their gifts first, then they read the note Santa left next to the empty plate our cookies once were, it said "Look outside for the gift I brought you!" It was great!!!! I feel so blessed to have such polite, gracious children! They sang Happy Birthday to Jesus all weekend long and thanked him so much for all the gifts! Every person who gave them a gift got a very quick thank you before ripping the paper from the present! I was filled with such pride and joy watching these little girls have the time of their lives! Oh how I wish I was 3 again!
Here are a few pics from Christmas! Enjoy:

My C-Section is scheduled for Jan 7, 2009! I will keep you updated!
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AngelaP said...'s just a little bean right now...but, just getting to see it move around made it real!!! Surprisingly, I was only nauseous for about two weeks and never really threw up...knock on wood...but, this peeing 30 times a day already is getting old....I love it though!!! I'll be praying that your C-section goes smoothly....this will be the first year in a while that I'll be the designated driver for New Year's!!!